Ariège has a wealth of places to learn about and observe up close
 animals both domestic and wild.

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Au Pays des Traces in St Lizier

On a 3 hectar park of a former farmstead, you'll discover the science of Ichnology, or the study of the traces of organismal behaviour, such as footprints and burrows. Activities include making plaster molds of animal tracks, exploring a cave, learning how to move over a mountain terrain, observe birds or even prepare a meal like a frontiersman.

The Animal Park at St Michel near Pamiers

Domestic and rare exotic animals on 17 hectars, activities for children, picnic area. Pumpkin carving in autumn, Easter egg hunts in the spring.

La ferme des Moulis near Le Mas d'Azil

On this farm they raise Angora goats whose wool is spun for mohair. You can visit the adorable curly-haired kids and watch sheering in spring and summer. There is also a boutique selling mohair articles (scarves, shawls, hat, blankets, jumpers, etc.)

And also...

- La Maison des Loups (Wolf park) at Orlu

- The Bamboo Park in Lapenne

- The Reptile Farm in La Bastide de Sérou

- The Butterfly Park in Lesparrou

- The Bison Farm in Lapenne

- The Bird Domaine in Mazères

- The Eagles of the Château de Lordat

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