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The Foothills of the Ariège Pyrenees

portesdariegeThis area represents the plains and foothills of Ariège and is referred to as "the doors of Ariège" because it is quickly reached from Toulouse. Most of the population and commercial acitivity is concentrated around the town of Pamiers. The Lèze and Arize valleys are more agricultural, and in between these rivers are the rolling hills dotted with farmsteads.

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Le Château in Clermont
2 guestrooms / table d’hôte / Pool / English spoken
Claudette and André live in a small manor house in a quiet hamlet about 7 km from the Mas d'Azil cave. The Way of Saint James passes in front of the house.


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Vergers de Sésame in Le Mas d’Azil
2 guestrooms / English spoken
At Michèle and Eric's 15 hectar farm you can sample their organic apple juice, produced from their traditionally-cultivated orchard. The farm lies along a route of the Way of St James pilgrimage trail and they also can accommodate pilgrims.

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