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The Couserans

pays couseransThe Couserans is part of the region of the southwest that was called Gascony before the French Revolution. It covers the western third of Ariège, presenting several faces:

- The High Couserans - the mountainous part with hike peaks, verdant valleys, high altitude summer pastures, waterfalls, forests of beech and firs, rushing streams and numerous little mountain villages. It is dominated by the emblematic Mont Valier, 2838 m high. It comprises the areas south of Saint Girons.

- The foothills with its rolling hills and bucolic prairies with the snow-capped peaks in the background. It comprises St Girons-St Lizier and the valleys to the north.

ext chambre paysage
L'échappée belle in Lacourt
5 guestrooms / table d’hôtes / English spoken
Muriel and François live in a quiet mountain hamlet 15 minutes from St Girons where all the houses belong to her family. All the guest rooms have been decorated on the theme of travel, with each room's décor reflecting a different continent.

ext chambre jardin
L'Esclopier in Mercenac
4 guestrooms / table d’hôtes
Claudine and Jean-Marc Feuillerat raise poultry and grow vegetables on the farm they inherited from her grandparents. Claudine is a wonderful cook, serving regional specialities using the farm produce. Jean-Marc offers classes in panning for gold in the nearby Salat river.


maisonblanchevigo chbalague chbiros
La Maison Blanche in Lorp
4 guestrooms / table d’hôtes / English spoken
Agnès and Alain Roques and their children live in a large, single-level house surrounded by fields and woods 1.5 kms from St-Lizier. Agnès, an expert rider, owns two horses and can accompany another experienced rider on the nearby trails. Alain is a mountaineer and amateur photographer who is happy to direct you to his favourite trails. Non-smoking house

ext chambre chevaux
Haras Picard du Sant in Lasserre
2 guestrooms / jacuzzi
The Savignol family raise Mérens horses and offer themed weekends on the farm during which you can participate in farm activities.

ext chambre view

Le Château in Clermont
2 guestrooms / table d’hôte / Pool / English spoken
Claudette and André live in a small manor house in a quiet hamlet about 7 km from the Mas d'Azil cave. The Way of Saint James passes in front of the house.


ext chambre ox

La Ferme de Méras in La Bastide de Sérou
4 guestrooms / table d’hôte
Olivier's farm has been a working one for 400 years and he still does things the traditional way -- no tractor, all ploughiing and hauling is done by horses and mules. His other passions are cooking and classical music.


ext int paysage
Ferme Ros’âne in Biert
2 guestrooms / table d’hôte / English spoken
Françoise and Jean-Pierre have an organic farm in the mountains where in addition to B&B accommodations they offer walks with their donkeys.

ext chambre jardin

La Maison du Rabada in Sentein
3 guestrooms / table d’hôte
Véronique Estrémé's house is opposite a 12th century church in a picturesque mountain village in the Biros valley.


ext chambre terrasse

L’Ancienne Bergerie in Galey
4 guestrooms / table d’hôte / English spoken
On a beautiful, peaceful spot overlooking the Bellongue valley, Rebecca and Kevin have lovingly restored a former sheepfold while retaining its charm and character. An experienced chef and a gardener, they offer a gastronomic adventure using homegrown and local produce.


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